What is productivity?

Productivity is a way to measure one’s efficiency, thus it measures the amount of work done against the amount of time required to do the given work.

What is a productivity business?

Productivity business or business productivity is the process of measuring productivity at business places.

Why is productivity important?

Productivity is important to increase efficiency at which people deliver their work. Better productivity allows people to save and utilise their time to get more work done.

How to increase productivity in the workplace?

The best way to increase productivity at work is by imbibing a culture of ownership and accountability. However, the above statement is extremely hard to measure, hence, a lot of people follow these golden rules:

1. Defining responsibilities and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
2. Better delegation of duties
3. Removing distractions
4.Providing appropriate set of tools and softwares
5. Reduce unnecessary stress

How to increase productivity?

The best way to be productive is by understanding what really matters. Once you know the list of tasks that are critical, get to them the first and later move on to the lesser important task. A few handy things to do in the process is: 

1. Reducing distractions like email notifications
2. Setting realistic expectations
3. Taking breaks to reduce stress
4. Routine review of work
5. Essential training 

What is productivity software?

Productivity software is an application software used for producing information such as documents or tasks provided. This ensures an increase in productivity of employees. Microsoft Office, Google Docs are two popular examples of productivity software.

What are productivity apps?

Productivity apps are softwares which help increase productivity and efficiency. These apps can be accessed through mobiles and tablets as well. Asana, Trello, Slack, Mailman are a few examples.

How to measure productivity?

Productivity can be measured by considering any task or work undertaken by a person along with the amount of time taken. The formulae will be 
(Time assigned to complete the task ÷ Time actually taken to complete the task)

What are three ways to increase productivity?

1. Productivity can be increased by removing all distraction from one’s place of work.
2. Timely reviewing and corrections of mistakes when need be, is another effective way of increasing productivity.
3. Clear communication of one’s responsibilities at work is also essential.