Why bother to achieve


Too many emails are the cause of constant distractions.

And these distractions take away 28% of your work day, leading to low productivity, increased stress, and poor work life balance. Yes, we all want to do deep work but fail at it because of constant emails.

We all know
Weekly business emails received on average
Times the average employee checks their email in an hour
Minutes to refocus each time you get distracted
But what we do not know
Over-checking email wastes 21 minutes per day
Full inboxes waste 27 minutes per day
Using folders to organize and find emails wastes 14 minutes per day
Archiving emails into many folders using a mouse wastes 11 minutes per day
Reading and processing irrelevant emails costs us 8 minutes per day

Save everyday

1 hour 28min

Why bother?

Because you lose
$1800 annually
on lost productivity
10 IQ points
when fielding constant emails
than a half
of your workday checking emails
Over unfinished work
Peace of
increased stress & anxiety levels
Family time
Let’s stop being a loser!

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